COVID 19 Updates on Campground Amenities and Activities

2021 Summer

With COVID-19 at the foremost of everyone’s minds, we want to update you regarding our facilities and activities for this summer 2021.  

Reservations Starting March 1st 2021. Reservations are required in advance. No drop ins. To reserve, please email us at .

Health and Safety We are fully compliant and will remain so with the directions provided by government health authorities.

Spatial Distancing We ask that all guests not within their ‘safe social circle’  maintain a social distancing of at least 2 meters. Parents are responsible for their children’s’ spatial distancing. 

Pool The pool is open and we have put in place an electronic reservation system that you will be briefed on upon your arrival. As a reminder there are many access points to Mara Lake and the Shuswap River for water activities.

Office Check ins/out: The office will be staffed, however, all transactions (check-ins, documents, waivers, etc.) will be done electronically and in advance of check‑in, in order to maintain social distancing measures; assistance will be made available for those that are unable to or have difficulty submitting documents electronically.  

Store: We expect to have the the store open, limited hours, this summer. Ice cream, candy, RV accessories, clothing, firewood, ice, and convenience items. Subject to change.

Recreational RV’ers All campers with RV’s must use their own washroom facilities in their RV in order to reduce the volume in the wash house and to allow for spatial distancing.
Bath & Shower House The bath and shower house will be open for non-rver’s only, and will be cleaned in accordance with Covid-19 Health Regulations. Spatial distancing applies. Use a mask if you if you wish. Parents must accompany their children to the bathroom at all times.
Tenters: We will be accepting Tent reservations but the washrooms require social distancing.

Playground The playground is planned to be open: cleaned in accordance with COVID19 Health Regulations.
Tractor Rides: Permanently discontinued.  

Mini Golf Will be open provided social distancing measures are maintained. Please note that we will do our very best to ensure that the equipment is properly disinfected between uses. For your own protection you may wish to bring your own putters and balls.

Camper Code of Conduct We have created a ‘Code of Conduct’ form that must be signed by each group prior to arrival at Whispering Pines. The ‘Code of Conduct’ will include items such as: Social distancing, Parental supervision, Declaration that your group is COVID-19-free.

WiFi We will be providing free high-speed WiFi to all our guests (signal works around the office only not at the sites).

Cancellations: We appreciate that you may need or want to cancel your reservation. Please review our cancellation policy.